An introvert’s guide to surviving the workplace

It’s 9am. You’ve made your morning coffee and you’ve just sat down at your desk ready to do what you do best, check and reply to emails. Suddenly your co-worker waltzes in and casually announces that there’s an impromptu meeting in 5 minutes. Panic washes over you. A multitude of swear words course through your… Read More An introvert’s guide to surviving the workplace

Scarves in June

There’s something so quaint about buying scarves in June. It’s so quintessentially British. For most countries, June would signify the approach of Summer. A time for digging out the flip flops and drinking iced lemonade on sun soaked terraces. Not England though. Nope, June is when we all hope the gloom and rain will transform into blue skies and sunshine when in fact the weather is as temperamental as ever! This June is no exception. (Hence the scarf purchase).… Read More Scarves in June